Brahmastra is now being called the “Best Bollywood Movie” to Date – Really? Brahmastra Review!

Upon seeing this movie in the theatre, the reaction of the people was “Really worth watching it”.

What made this movie so lovable, was the response it got while the release of its trailer was just lit, we could get the idea that this would definitely bring a revolution in Bollywood and new films will be made like this!

Brahmastra review


The story behind Brahmastra!

Back in 2013, Ayan Mukherji announced creating a super hit movie with Ranbir Kapoor! He named that movie ‘Brahmastra’ and expected that they would release this movie in 2017.

Unfortunately, this took almost 9 years to hit the cinema halls! Why, well there are many things responsible behind the delay of the release of this movie, some are like the scripting, and unique writing and Ayan Mukherjee has given this movie 9 years of his life to creating a blockbuster movie!

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Ayan Mukherjee, The Smartest Guy!

From the starting date, the fans gave so much love to the trailer of this movie! The song “Kesariya”, “Dance ka Bhoot”, etc has made their place in the file manager. Everyone was just listening to these songs. This could better connect the people watching this movie.

Ayan Mukherjee is the smartest guy behind scripting, writing, and promotion, he knows how to keep their presentation in front of people. Some people only watched this movie because Ayan has written the script of this movie.


Brahmastra Record-Breaking Response!

Brahmastra responded with a record-breaking performance in the theatres and large no. people could be seen outside the theatre!

This Movie has been cast on more than 5000+ Indian Screens and 3000+ overseas screens!

Brahmastra is expected to collect 35 Crores INR from Hindi Language and 5 Cores from the Telugu Language, 3 Core from Tamil, and collectively 2 Crores from Kannad and Malayalam language.

THe Box Office Collection of Brahmastra for day 1 collectively was 75 Crores INR (Worldwide)!

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