#Boycott Vikram Vedha is Now Trending on Twitter – Know the Dark Reason!

The most hyped movie will soon hit the walls of cinema halls. In this contrast, some Hrithik fans are eagerly waiting for this movie. Some have started boycotting hashtags across social media platforms.

Boycott Vikram Vedha

There are some reasons behind it, reminding the brahmastra which has already crossed 400+ crores INR gross worldwide was on the top of the list of boycotts gurus.


This boycott trend even flagged this movie positively, and the viewers who were influenced by these trends ended up watching that movie in the theatres (with their GF 😉).

Vikram Vedha is the Next Target!

Vikram Vedha is going to be the next movie which will be boycotted in large amounts. There are a few reasons that made the public boycott this movie.

The Remake – Sad Part!

Bollywood has given several remakes that people are bored of watching. People are expecting something new and fresh. The real reason is mafias are not working on the original content.

Movies like Rowdy Rathore, Singham, Wanted, etc were remakes of fabulous movies that viewers loved to binge.


Boycott Trend – Now Active!

The boycott trend has already started on Twitter and the hashtag #BoycottVikramVedha is now on the top in the trending section.

So-called Mr. Perfect’s Movie ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ was much appreciated by Hrithik Roshan and became the downside for his own film. People started boycotting him as he promoted Laal Singh Chaddha.


After these 4 lines of the tweet in which he desperately wanted everyone to watch that movie, Hrithik was trolled with several memes and it affected his movies too.

Meme1 - Clever Buyer

See the retweets that will make you laugh, this reply roasted Hrithik too.

Meme - Clever Buyer

This is my all-time favorite meme, laughing and typing at the same time. Not judging any movie but this was the possibility of why people are boycotting his movies. No doubt, Hrithik fans would still watch this movie even after lakhs of boycotts.


I’m not a fanboy but I like his performance, so I would watch it online after some time, cause don’t get enough time to watch it (the writing mode is on).

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