Adipurush Teaser Launch: Lacks Rajamouli Presence, People call it ‘Crap Teaser’!

Adipurush Teaser Launch Live Updates: The teaser launched on the 2nd of October. But now the disappointed hashtag is trending on Twitter, here is why.

adipurush teaser launch
Adipurush Teaser Launch with Disappointment!

The teaser of this movie was not like people expected. It will have to suffer a lot of trolls indeed. After seeing the teaser of this Adipurush, you will be able to guess the character is not quite good.

Original Ramayan was the masterpiece and what it made was the character, the connection, and people could relate to it. But this seems different as this movie has been made with the power of VFX, which will not help it expand in theatres.

Disappointed with the teaser!

With over Thousandof tweets, this teaser is getting trolled on social media, some of the highlighted tweets are as follows:

A need for experienced directors can be seen here, only a few directors can portray Hindu sentiments on the screens. People are cheering for S. S. Rajamouli.

Adipurush Teaser!

This teaser has been uploaded on the channel of the T-series and people were eagerly waiting for it, it got over 12+ million views in just 5 hours of upload. Just have a look and let’s know your opinions about it. Would you prefer to watch it in the cinema or will you binge the old Ramayan with childhood memories?

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